Wild Kisses

Wild Kisses - Skye Jordan ~NetGalley provided an ARC to review this in advance.~

Book two starts pretty hot. The thoughts of Trace was so hot that it could melt the polar caps in Antarctica, the same can be said to Avery. Both are equally attracted to each other, but the situation they are in are somehow not favorable. An ex-con and a newly divorce woman, both are trying their best to pick themselves up from what ever hardship that made them the way they were. And from my POV, both of them are meant to be,

I love how it continues, how the lives of people that were on book one is presented. I love how it was made. How Trace his best to be the man he once, but still becoming more stronger that he was. I love Avery, for her strength, her willingness to risk her heart, and her love for baked good. Yes, I love that part. I was one of those reasons why i read this in one day.

Wild Kisses shows us that we can live our life no matter how the past colored us. The past is there, but it is the present that counts. People will look at it, but if you do your best to be the person you want to be and not the person that everybody thought you were, then you will live a good life. There maybe people that will try their best to judge what you were, but in the end, its more about what you believe in.

I look forward to the 3rd book. I wonder, how will Ms. Jordan present the 3rd sister?