The Legendary Lord

The Legendary Lord - Valerie Bowman This is actually the first time I read this author’s work. A Publicity Assistant, at St. Martin’s Press ask if I would like to read her newest book, THE LEGENDARY LORD. It is the sixth book of her Playful Brides Series.

It was an interesting read. However, it was not something I was expecting. Not in a negative away, but more on the positive side. ~I got used to reading Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey, and Jude Deveraux kind of plot. ~
The start of the book was really interesting though. I liked how Christian and Sarah met. It was a really good way to start things.

“In his thirty years of life, Christian had never seen a sight quite like the one that greeted him when he kicked open the bedchamber door. A beautiful woman stood there brandishing a sword at him. Well, brandishing might be a bit of an overstatement. She could barely lift it an inch from the floor, but she was obviously attempting to brandish it.”

The description above is really good. It was one of the things that I like about the book. But the main highlight for me was Christian and Sarah’s personality. I love it. During the 1800’s as far as I can remember, women tend to be more on the side of looking for husband’s during that era. However, with Sarah, I like her domestication, rather than being a debutante.
Christian, on the other hand was so different from the norm of English heroes that I have read. For one, he is painfully shy and he’s stuttering is something I have not encountered, which added a certain interest as I read the book.

As I progress, it became clear that what I was reading is something good and sweet kind of book. And I was right.

The struggles of the people in the book, their support system, and the lengths of the support people on the book were truly outstanding. Each character from the previous books did something to help Christin and was one of the main highlight in the book for me.

The ending it was beautiful. The story ended in the place where everything started. It was such a love story. Though, I am not sure if I will read the previous books in this series, but I will gladly read the next book in it.

~I was given a widget for NetGalley that came from the publisher to review this book.