Taming the Highlander

Taming the Highlander - May McGoldrick I would like to thank one of St. Martin's Press editor for giving me a chance to read the second book of the Scottish Relic Series. And NetGalley for the making to possible to view it.

This was actually a very good read for me. The prologue was really surprising and how it was connected to the chapter in the book was amazing.

As for the characters, they were really interesting. Half of the time, I do not remember the Conall having an injury. I love how Innes and Conall love started to bloom. It was such a interesting way of showing the readers on how two people tired their best to avoid, but their feeling was too much. The wolf also add another factor in the story. But most of all, it is how Innes' sister and Conall's brother matched the two of them. At the near end of the book. It was nice to hear from the previous book characters. I will not sat anything else, because it will spoil the fun.

Over all, the violence was less in this book. It was more like an after thought rather than being the main thing. Which is good. Since Conall, have already suffered and Innes "gift" is kinda like a curse too. I look forward to reading the last book in the series.

Thank you!