Forbidden Fling

Forbidden Fling - Skye Jordan I would like to thank NetGalley for permitting me read this book Also, for Montlake Romance for a chance to read this series.

How do I start?

Truthfully, I tried to read this book like, 5 times before I fully sank down and complete it. It’s not that I was a boring book. But the opening was somewhat slow for me. The first three or four chapters dis not grab my attention. Unlike her Renegade series, this was really a really different ball game.

By the 7th chapter, that is when I started to like to like it. Again, unlike her Renegades, it lacks something that I was used to her writing. By the 10 chapter that was when I really can’t put the book down. The boom I was looking for was there. The way Delaney slowly realized her own feeling for Ethan.

The character development for me was a bit slow? I can’t really saw. Because at the end, everything was perfectly aligned. Although, I was hoping for a better ending but it worked for them.
The problems, what can I say? I wanted to tear the faces of Ethan’s father and the rest of the people who can’t let go of the past. Then again it, was the whole point of the book. But man. Just man.

It might took me like two weeks to read this book, but I liked it and hoping of the next book.

This is a 3.5 book for me.