The Beast of Clan Kincaid

The Beast of Clan Kincaid - Lily Blackwood I would like to thank Annie Hulkower from St. Martin's Press for giving me a very advance copy of this book. I was not really expecting it but I am really glad that this was sent to me.

Revenge was the main plot of the book. Going back to a place that was once Niall's home was his sole propose but when he saw Elspeth, his priorities and his heart somehow changed.

This was really such an expected read. I was supposed to read it by the end of April, but I find myself opining it and reading it in one day. It was such a good story that I can put it down. The main plot even the subplot was so intriguing. There were times that I wanted to hurt Niall, but coming from his point, he needed to do it. After all, they took his home. But still the way he was thinking was irritating, however, the end result? It did not happen the way he wanted it , but he did get what he came for, and then some.

As historical goes, this was one really good read. As a start of a new series, it’s a very good kick off. The elements are there, lost brothers…not to mention they were very young when the events happen. I would not be surprise when if one of the three brothers would have a amnesia or some drastically life altering even. The end book one opens possibilities that came about to book two. And I am excited to read it too.

I love reading stories about Scottish Highlander and I am proud to say that Ms. Blackwood writing gave me the same feeling whenever I re-reads Julie Garwood’s Scottish historical stories. The rush, the reactions, and the feeling that you have somehow became part of the book, however you are merely a specter as the scenes unfolds. I would gladly re-read this book again and I cannot wait for the next book to arrive.