Stone Cold Lover

Stone Cold Lover - Christine Warren Somehow the commonality of the people that can awaken a sleeping guardian lays on the power that they have.

So far, with Ella, she was really clueless when it comes to magic, but with Felicity, she was fully aware of the ability that she have...and the opening of the book was really explosive!

I was really laughing when i was reading this book. The thoughts of the heroine, was comical. It was so common for them to have thoughts that would include Harry Potter, given that they are dealing with magical being. Or, kinda magical beings. It was really entertaining.

Spar, on the other hand is again your typical Hero. Aside from being a gargoyle, he is one good fighter. Even the way he feels about Felicity some really something. I like to think that these magical being are true. They have this old world speech that blended well with the way the modern speech was being spoken.

As for Felicity having the hot and cold treatment. i can understand where she is coming from Fear is really is a motivator when it comes pain. There were so much pain when ever Felicity tried to push away people from her. The past would always be there, but it should never hinder what is in front of you.

The ending, and the death of one of her friends really made me cry. I can only take so much pain.

Over all, the way the personality and the narration of the book was really good. I look forward to reading the next book of the series.