Hungry Like the Wolf

Hungry Like the Wolf - Paige Tyler Okay, so, it took me a very long time to read this book. But not because it was boring, it was because i was reading it at the office and we had a down time, so the time i spent reading the book was not enough... But now...I am starting to read book two as I write this review.

Extreme emotion will trigger the werewolf Gene, and that is one of the most unique way to change from human to werewolf. ~ this idea was such a blow to me! Why? About 5 years ago, me and my friend was experimenting on a book plot wherein, to change into another being, you would have to feel a very intense emotion. The hormone that body would produce, would trigger a response from your DNA changing your entire structure. In our case, they would become vampires. But here...they became werewolves.


I freaked out! I was really talking to myself silly when Gage explained the process. I so love the idea!!! I love it more because, Ms, Tyler deviated from the normal werewolf lore. ~Disclaimer: this is the first time i read such a phenomena hence the word deviated. ~ It was such a new perspective!

The book? it was great! The way the main story line was delivered, and how they SWAT was formed are really good. The bed scene even hotter!!! I suddenly wanted a Gage of my own. Even Zak was a great addition to the sub characters. He was able to give justice to the word best friend.

As much as I like to individually dismember the main characters, that would be unfair on my part. Each of them, were standing up to their belief and protecting the people around them. It was such a relief that they were able to fix everything.

As a Series Junkie, this series is worth adding to your TBR pile. Then again, we have our own preference.

I give this a 5 star!