Dark Alpha’s Demand

Dark Alpha’s Demand - Donna Grant If there is one thing that I like about Ms. Grant, it’s how she connects each different Realm with such beautiful results.

As part of the Dark World we are again in the realm of the Reapers.

From the previous book, something profound happen. And as it carries on the next book, the ripple continues.

~ I love how Talin’s HEA was written. It was a little different from the rest, but it is unique at the same time. Talin is someone that I have read since the start of the kings? Or was it the warriors? But when I read Book one of the Reapers, somehow I was too shocked to react, but as this goes one, I can see the benefit of a Reaper in the Light Fea Court. As much as I like to go into details, you need to read the whole series.

I love Death. Yup, its official I love her. The way she thinks is very good and Ceal? I can’t wait for the rest of the REAPERS to have their own book.

I was crying…I hated how everything turned up, but happy at the same time. After all, Death did something totally UNEXPECTED.

The ending carried a lot of substance, the same with the Dragon Kings, but in this Realm, there are still issues that need to be revealed, and from my stand point…they are a lot.

Looking forward to read the next book in the series!