Haunted By Her Dragon

Haunted By Her Dragon - Julia Mills Another new series that i have read. Really good, but i really want to bash Andrew because he is being idiotic! I mean come on! The rest of the Guards I really like. Even the way they bicker it's they were born of the same year!

I love how each Guard is given a preview of their story. It is really entertaining to look forward to their respected books.

In this story, Lance the joker of the group finally fell! The way his brethren teased him about it! if i was part of the book. It was really good! Sam on the other had was really made for him. The courage she showed after the kidnapping ordeal was real extraordinary. But the tipping point is Sydney. I love how the little angel fit right in. It was so heart warming that it made me shed a tear or two.

On the sour note: I really hate Andrew...