The Striker

The Striker - Monica McCarty NetGalley and Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books permitted me to review this book. Thank you so much for the chance!

Eoin "Striker” MacLean, is one of the main Phantom created by Bruce, at the start of the series, i remember a very vague part about him being married. I thought it was a passing scene, I never truly focused on it until now.

The book revolves around, trust and second chances. It was kinda hard to imagine Eoin being in love, but as you read the back flash his thoughts would make you smile. As for Maggie, a typical lady that was raised by their family's standard. You can not really blame her, she is the ONLY daughter. As i read the past, i find it frustrating, and i wanted to slap Eoin for being blinded by his loyalties.

As the story progress, I was waiting for the each of the characters past to caught up with them, it happened, but Eoin reaction was heartbreaking for me. His words and thoughts were so remorseful that you had to understand where his coming from.

For Maggie, she was naive, but never stupid, torn by her loyalties yes, but it did not stop her from being true to her feelings.

I did not expect what happen later in the book though. It made me sad, but at the same time, relived.

As a series junkie, I love how this was made. How the author brought back parts of the previous books, she was able to blend the whole thing. The epilogue was really something, and I find myself wanting to read every epilogue of each of the book. However, there is the underlying question, Is the war over on each of those epilogues? If so, would it detailed on the last book. Knowing that this would be the second to the last book of the series, I would definitely wait for the next book...

All I can say, this series, is worth waiting for.