White Tiger

White Tiger - Jennifer Ashley How can explain this...

White Tiger was one of mu most anticipated book. Since reading a teaser chapter on Bad Wolf, I was so hyped about it. And let me say, it was worth it.

I do not recall Kendrick, other than he is a un-Collared Guardian, but other than that, it was a really blank spot. However, this book gave ample info. Okay, so Kendrick had been in some books, but i had to read the whole series to look for him. And i have limited time for it. I never thought he was a white tiger though...

I love the humor of this book. I love how the interaction of the characters with each other works. Even the pack mentality was really well develop. Okay, every pack would have its issues, but he was able to handle it. He was a born leader, and Addison was the perfect mate for him.

I love the cubs. I think half of the time i was reading the book, i was smiling whenever they were mentioned. They made Kendrick look like a normal human being trying so hard to raise his kids.

Addison, on the other had, has such a soft heart. The way she was describe was soft and tough at the same time. Her personality blends well with Kendrick.

I look forward to reading Zander's book though. Being touched by a goddess can be a pain. I cannot wait for his mate!

Good work!