Heart of the Highland Wolf

Heart of the Highland Wolf  - Terry Spear Yes, it took me at least 3 days to read this book. Namely because i was also reading another book using my Kindle application. This is the seventh book of Terry Spear's Heart of the Wolf series.

The thing that I can say is that "I LOVE THIS!"

Why? It's in Scotland, a Highlander Laird, shifters and the Gaelic language! Those are the reason why I love this book. All of my favorite elements are here.


The story mainly centers on the author in the book, imagine my supersize when I read that she is also one of them! I was like ~What THE!~ those kind of moments. As I read along the rest of the characters were introduced, but what i really love about this is Ian. The Laird.

As long as I can remember, Scottish Laird have this air about them that let them standout. In this book, he did. I love the brogue, and the humor integrated in this book. The last Highland book that I read was not like this, it was on the serious side. And this book was really refreshing.

And the Flynn! Oh how i love his heroic gesture, although, dude, you do know that you are dead right? But still, you would appreciate how he tried.

I love how Julia's thought run rampant throughout the book. You need to switch from normal thoughts then back to the plot of the book she was trying to write. It was really a good was way to narrate a book where the main heroine is an American Romance writer. ~Yeah!

Ian, on the other hand is the typical Scottish Laird,and I love him! I really do! I will not add anything in this statement!

I love the book. It made me laugh and trust me, I was about to have my classes and i had to stop myself from laughing because the scene were really funny!