The Hero (Sons of Texas)

The Hero (Sons of Texas) - Donna Grant ~ARC was given by the publisher~

This is a new series from Ms. Grant. I like her PNR series, and I was actually wondering if she can carry that magic with a romantic thriller. And…somehow it did.

We have a common plot, three hunky brothers, and a good theme going on. So, I guess it will work.

I like the start of this new series of hers. It has all the elements of a good TR thing going on. A love that was true yet divided by terrible circumstances. Somehow, Owen has already made up his mind to win Natalie back. It was a touch and go love story for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love how this starts, but with the events happening simultaneously there are some lines that you tend to read over again. I was able to read a book like this, so I had to skip the same lines as I go along.

I was more focus on the reason why the brothers were brought together, rather than the love story. It gave me a new outlook on what to expect with this series of hers.

I gave a four start due to the fact that it is new and it is nice. The narration, lets us just say that I find it confusing but necessary.