The Next Always

The Next Always - MacLeod Andrews, Nora Roberts The 1st book of the series, it gives you on how the in was restored, how the Montgomery Clan, brougt back to life an old B&B to it full glory.

The whole,or part of the book foused on the constraction of the whole thing, with a minimal part on the story regarding Beckett and Clare.

During the half part of the book, that is when the ghost of the mannor enters, a bit of honeysuckle here, a scent there, it give a certain eerie that the whole place is haunted, never did i imagine that she was part of the story.

the best part for me was when, Beckett fullied his promisse to Clare's kids, asking thier permission to marry thier mother, it was so romatic.. (For me that is).

all in all you have to read the whole series to get the stroy of the ghost of the manor, who is she, why and how did she got in, and what is the connection of her to the whole clan...

again to Nora Roberts, good work on this one.