Eternal Ecstasy

Eternal Ecstasy - Setta Jay ~ARC provided by NetGalley.~

As the last book of the series, I would like to say thank you for Ms. Setta Jay for creating such a wonderful series. From the Ecstasy Unbound to Eternal Ecstasy, we can see how the writing and the story progress. The continuity of each book and how they are intertwined from the ending of each book to the opening of the new one.

This book how ever, encompasses what I was expecting, especially with the last part.

As I read the book, I can't help but wonder, almost 60% of the content was full of the thoughts of each of Sirena and Hroarr's. There was not much of the conversation lines that I loved about her. Then again, being in the brink of destruction, I could understand why it was written that way. It was a very surprising book. I never really knew that she was an offspring of that god. So it was something that I was not expecting.

What I really love about this book is how Hroarr's lost feeling slowly came back and how he show his feeling to Sirena. I mean it was one of the most romantic things that I have read. It was amazing, and exhilarating to be in the shoes of Sirena.

Another unexpected event? The baby. ~Sorry guys, you have to read it to understand why it was like that, but it was something else.

Overall, this is one series, that i would gladly read. Namely because Hades was not a villain and he actually smiled and laugh on the last part of this book, and everything about these Guardians left a lasting impression on me.

I will look forward to reading the spin-off and your other books in the series.