Taking Jana

Taking Jana - Rissa Brahm Thank you NetGalley for the chance to read this. and the Publisher. i'm sorry if i can't name you, using my phone to do this review.

I actually tried to finished this book, like two weeks ago. But I got distracted with the rest of the book series that i was reading this month. Then last night, I got the hankering of hoping to see the ending of it. And it was a lot better ending than book one. No offence, but I really liked how this was made. The Built up, the way it was phased, the storyline, and even the dynamics of the Korean family is there. well, the bad Korean stereotypes that is.

I love Tony in book one, but here? he is just *swoons* there are no words for it. No words. Unlike the men in the books that I read, he was just there. There was no need to fully assert his personality, because my perception of him is ~just like Ms. Rissa describe him ~ a guardian angel ~ and he was the best kind.

Jana? Oh my heart got broken every time she visits the hospital and she got that treatment from her parents. And I know the feeling. It was so, so, heartbreaking. The emotions that a person can feel when reading her part was so intense. But at the end? The smile? The happiness? It was priceless.

Once again, a book worth your time. it might be a slow read, but it is worth it.

And thank you Ms. Rissa, because you made another dynamic book to read.