Hold Your Breath (Search and Rescue)

Hold Your Breath (Search and Rescue) - Katie Ruggle I would like to thank SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca and Katie Ruggle, for a chance to read this book. Also for NetGalley for making it possible.

When i read On His Watch (Search and Rescue, #0.5) . I like how Lou was introduced in the series, Also Callum, but as i read the book, i was laughing and being giddy the entire time.

Callum was such a no-nonsense guy, but man....I was not expecting him to have a very good character! The way he was shown in On His Watch complete blew me! I was loosing my head each time he would say something, and he was either sweet or just being his OCD self.

There are no words on how i can really explain how i feel about this book. The level of action was really intense, and the way they were pilled at the near of the end of the book was just right, Even the twist of the book was really unexpected for me.

I love how the Lou and Callum said "I love you".. It was such a normal even, that it caught me of ground when they said it to each other.

However, i would love to fins out what will happen to the next book. Will Ian be subjected to some criminal activity or will it be worst? What ever happens, i know that the whole Search and Rescue team will be there for him.

Great book! Great author!