MacLean's Passion

MacLean's Passion - Sharon Cullen I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher of this book to read what happen after the events of book one.

If I loved Colin on book one, then be prepared to love him more now that he had his very own HEA!
As the end of book one, we are presented that Colin is in the hand of the English. However, who would have thought that the person he is destined with would be sharing a cell and is more like him only on a different gender.

The way the two main characters are presented shows that the author is doing all her best to stick to the time line, and keeping up to the events of the past book. I love how it all blended well. From the way Colin’s cellmates true identity or rather true gender was revealed, to the way Maggie’s character was shown. And how Colin started to slowly fall in love with Maggie. It was such a wondrous process that there were times that I wanted to laugh at certain parts of the book. The debate is out if Campbell is one of the good guys or he is just playing it safe. But as I read on how he was acting, he has something to prove and I hope that all will be revealed on his book.

I do not want to go to such lengths to describe how lovely this book is, but I can guarantee that reading the Highland Pride series will give you a feeling good about these hunky Scots!