Kill or Be Kilt

Kill or Be Kilt - Victoria  Roberts I would like to thank Sourcebooks Casablanca,for a chance to read this historical book.

From the start of book one,. i liked this book the same with book two. But i had a hard time reading the last book of this series. I like Ian, he was one of the characters that caught my attention on the last two books, I was happy when I found out that he was going to have his very own HEA. But I did not like how he was paired with Elizabeth.

I do not like how Elizabeth, treated Ian. Okay so she has a point, but the lines and the way she constantly scold Fagan and the rest of Highlanders that was at the palace was a bit too much for me. I can understand that she needed to be in court, that she wants know what is to be in court and meet the King. But i do not like she POV.

Ian on the other hand, well, he is your typical Highlander, so what would you expect? During those times, the rift between the Scots and English was a bit on rocky road. One cannot blame them for wanting to be back to the land they were born into.

What i really love about the book was the way Ian realize his feeling for Elizabeth. It was such a momentous moment that when Elizabeth gave her little speech i wanted to throttle her. I love how Ian said the words in Gaelic it sounded so romantic and heartfelt.

The ending though, was really nice. It made the whole Elizabeth attitude vanish. I gave this book four star because of Ian.