Tempest in the Highlands

Tempest in the Highlands - May McGoldrick ~An ARC was given to be by the publisher and was made available via NetGalley. ~

This is the last book of The Scottish Relic Trilogy, and this is one good ending for me.

A healer, a psychometric, and a seer, then a person one that can communicate with the dead. Four pieces of relic, when combined, grants the holder a power like no other.

A fascinating, and a well-rounded story, set in a timeline where people are afraid of the things they do not understand. For me, it is hard to manipulate if you are on the 1500 timeline. People are afraid and most of them would condemn people who have abilities, like the characters in this series. And yet, I find myself fascinated on how this was made.

We have a basic theme, and three individual personal problem per character. It should be overwhelming, but it wasn’t. The last book fixed it.

I like Miranda. Her spirit and the way her personality was created. The way she did her best to save Rob because their fate was interconnected was full of hardship. Rob on the other hand, well, he is an assassin of the crown so, there is much to tell. However, I like how he was trying to understand what is happening and doing his best to survive for the both of them. Being in the marooned in the island where the Relic is supposed to be destroyed, I am amaze of his trust on Miranda.

The appearance of the rest of the previous people on boo one and two also helped with me liking the book. The conclusion of the book was really good and it did not leave any stone un-turned.
I am happy that I was able to read this series. I have my reservations, but as I progress in each book, I am captivated on the world the author has written.

a very good ending to a very good series. everything was close and everything came together so nicely. even the ending was truly spectacular. beautifully written, captivating characters and a magnificent story line that will keep you on your toes.