King's Wrath

King's Wrath - Mina Carter Okay... I was given an ARC for an honest review that was from the author.

I love the 4th book of the series, and i honestly thought that it would be the last. I was quite surprise that there was 5th book. My thoughts? It was a cliff hanger for me.

I love the ending of the fourth book. There was a certain closure that lacked in this one. But doesn't mean that it is not good. I was hoping for something more.

I love Logan though, and i understand what Zara felt. It's not easy being her, and being pregnant makes things worst. Then again, the way Logan makes up for everything is something. I thought Gabbi was going to be a problem, but she was actually really nice. The same with Ky. I am hopping that Ky will have hos own HEA. But that is the wishful thinking on my part.

As i close this review window, regardless on how the ending of this book was made. I still love reading about Logan and Zara.

Hence, four stars.