Unexpected Rush: A Play-by-Play Novel

Unexpected Rush: A Play-by-Play Novel - Jaci Burton Ms. Burton once again captivated us by her Play-by-Play novel.

As I write this review, I am still in the land between reading the last two chapters again and trying to decide what to read next.

It was a very simple story, and that really made it really good. I was hoping for more football action, but the amount of the plays and the main story really works for me. An overbearing brother, his best friend and the sister.

I love the way Barrett tries so hard not to notice Harmony; she in return, tries her best to be noticed. Well, she succeed good for her! There was no bad part for me, all the making of the book was put together. I was actually shouting ~not loudly~ for Flynn's book also, Drake. They need one!

The lines. Oh the lines! they were the best! It kept me glued to my PC while having a class, because they were funny and have the right amount sensuality in them. You can truly felt the emotions of the characters as the story goes on.

The best line however would be on the last two chapters.
"I should have put you first, because you’ve been the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep at night."
This is was the best! I had to read it TWICE! It was such a good line! Then again so was this one:

“Dammit, Barrett. I’m painting my wall.”
His lips curved. “I can see that. Do you need to finish it?”
“You don’t understand. It’s my way of getting over you.”
He looked over at the wall, then back at her, giving her a look of utter sympathy. “It’s a pretty awful color.”

If you read the book, you would understand why I was laughing.

The ending? It was one of those ending that will really make you loose your mind...I know I did, I nearly screamed! but i had to stop myself because I was reading it inside the office.

Again, the magic of Ms. Burton's words have quelled my stressed mind. Her books would always light my day, each time I find myself lost in my TBR file. I have a list of authors who makes me feel like that, but I love reading her Play-by-Play series and after opening five books I was so happy that I read this book.

I will wait for Flynn's and Drake's. IF Drake will have one...then again, why not?

A five star rating for such a wonderful book and author!