Divine Ecstasy (The Guardians of the Realms Book 8)

Divine Ecstasy (The Guardians of the Realms Book 8) - BookBlinders Reviews, Setta Jay I came across Setta Jay’s books via NetGalley. As soon as I hit 80% of my required approval, I looked for books in the read now section to look for more books to read. I came upon the first six books. Yes, all of the six books were still on NetGalley. Shortly after a few months the seven book became available. I did not hesitate to apply for approval. It was quick though.

The latest book, also came from NetGalley. And I am so happy that I was able to read all her books.
From the previous books, ~ and my past review about the series~ Drake and Photos woke up Hades to help the Guardians assist to look for Apollo. From there, we can assume that s*** is about to hit the ground.

I love how each book overlaps with the last book and the new book. We are given a glimpse on how the last book ended, and they were somehow connected. Here, Hades was able to gaze upon Sacha. From there, it was literary a whirlwind…

Each Guardians have been blessed to find their mates. It was no wonder for me that Sacha would also have a mate. What came as the biggest surprise was her mate is a god.

Yep, it is Hades… the King of the Underworld.

From the numerous books about mythology that I have read, this one was really heartwarming. His devotion to his son was upstanding but when he came across his mate, I fell in love with him more. From the way he displayed his anger, his love and his caution. He truly loves Sacha. Yes, the events were a bit too fast, but when it comes to paranormal paring, they usually are.

Sacha. I love her. From the prologue of the book, I was really surprise that he wasn’t really a son, but a nephew. The way it was written really made me cry. I was riding the jeepney when I started with the book. And my tears were really flowing down. I could understand her emotions. Being a slave can really be traumatizing, no matter what kind of slave you are, the fears would always be there. But Hades, tired his best to erase if not to ease what she was feeling, and it was one of the best moments in the book.

There are several lines that were so touching that I made me screen shot them. Just for the sake of the line. Photos, on the other had was so welcoming, that I never thought he would be opposed to the mating. Then again, there are only three female Guardians. So the big brother emotions were given. I was laughing so hard when Hades shared his thoughts ‘bout Sacha! It was priceless!
What I did miss about this book was the fight scenes. I got used to them killing that when P was describing how his father was killing the Hell beast it lack the killing element. Yeah, call me bloodthirsty. But there really is a big difference when the POV of the fight scene came from the person itself rather than being watched by another person.

The overall effect was really beautiful. The focus between Hades and P’s POV really blended well. And to think that the son was also able to meet his mate…but…Man!

To end the review, All I can say…