Legal Wolf's Mate

Legal Wolf's Mate - Eve Langlais This was given as an ARC from the publisher.

This was actually a part of an Anthology of Eve Langlais Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur.
It was pretty much of the same content but, reading it again brings back the humor the first time I read it.

I so love Gavin, and remembering how obnoxious he was brought the memories back. He wasn’t gullible, nor he was stupid, but, he is just in love and lawyer makes things a little bit dicey. I remember him being charming and demanding and how pissed he was. But mot off all, I remember the realization that he was able to find the “One” for him.

Meg? Oh I love her personality. An assassin that was set up for murder? Simply funny, and her I thought being a hired gun was great. But her? It was something altogether funny. I can understand her frustration, and also her anger. But mostly, I understood why she was reluctant to accept Gavin as her mate. A big shot lawyer has a an assassin for a mate? Fate really has a twisted sense of humor.

In the end, everything went well. What can I say? Mates, will always and will be mates. It’s up to the person if it will be accepted or not. In this story, all as well that end’s well…

However… Brody may seem to be in a pinch…