Her Foreign Affair

Her Foreign Affair - Shea McMaster This was given mailed tome for an exchange of a honest review.

To start off. I thought that the setting would be around the 21st century, imagine my surprise that it was actually like the 1900s! But the time line did not stop me from liking this book.

The plot is just like any other plot when it comes to people failing in love with someone they thought would love them with the same passion as they love that person. In this case, both parties felt the same but Court. . . well, family is family and he did what he had to do.

I love how they met each other again. I was actually hopping that the kid kinda know that they were siblings but even they did not know of it. I felt sad and I cried on some parts of this book. The romance, the passion between the two of them is still there and when Court tried his best to search for Randi, it was the clinch that made want to continue reading this book.

As for Randi, she was hurt, and finding out about her pregnancy, then seeing the man that she love got another woman pregnant was a bit too much. You can never blame her on the actions that happened. Her reservations and her insecurities all of those are the product of the hurt that came from one man. Then after years, he shows up on your door step, together with his son, as a date of her daughter, how bizarre that is.

The overall effect is really good, the problems are presented in small dosage that will not over load the reader’s attention. I find it amusing how both Courtney and Drew bonded so easily. The ending? It was the perfect way to finish a very lovely book. I hope to read more.
Thank you for the chance.