Passion Ignites (Dark Kings)

Passion Ignites (Dark Kings) - Donna Grant I was suppose to read this book next year knowing that this one is not yet finished, but NetGalley and the publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks, gave a chance to read this amazing series..

The theme is the same, yet the over all effect does not make me bored, i love how Thorn an Lexi story began, how each and every mated pair was trying their best best to help their respected Dragon Kings. The supersizes just kept on coming thought. Especially with Rhi. I have my own guess on who is the Dragon King she loved, no wonder everyone else wants to smash his head, then again....

I love how Ms. Grant, interacts all her characters from her last series, who would have thought of that? I keeps us readers from wondering what happen to them. They were part of the another series, and the coherence of the flow of the two series is amazing.

A five star for this book!