Her Lone Wolf (X-Ops)

Her Lone Wolf (X-Ops) - Paige Tyler Before I gush about this book. I would like to say thank to Ms. Paige Tyler for following my Twitter account. I felt really good because one of the authors that I am currently reading follows me...As an amateur book reviewer, it feel really nice.

Okay, enough said!

When it comes to shifter romance, wolves got the best deal, because they only have one mate...and the connection they would always be beyond anyone's comprehension.

That sentence is the best way to describe my feeling s when it comes to this book. As much as I like to hate Clayne, I can't. He maybe an a**hole but there will always be a reason behind every actions and his was justified by the back flash during the whole story. The combination of the past happening and their present situation was a very good way to fully understand what really happen.

I love how each operative was paired. As far as book one, the way they were paired really complemented each other's abilities. From their shortcomings to their greatest advantage. If this kind of teams really exist, then all i could say is very well done. As for the romance? LOVE IT!

Clayne, when I first read about him, I wanted to hit him at the back of his head. He was trying to ruin a very good friendship because he lost something and he was trying so hard to put his life back together. I know, from other's POV that is not the case, but upon reading this book. I finally understand his action towards Landon and Ivy's relationship. I cannot really blame him, was a bit clueless on the mating of a wolf, so he was actually missing his mate's presence. In the end, I can still see his smile when he tentatively used the word "mate."

“I’m special because I’m mated to him. There’s a difference. I doubt you’d understand, but there’s a bond between us, a bond that only exists between a wolf and his mate. And that bond means he always knows where I am, and I always know where he is.”

This was the best line for me. When Danica said these lines, you could clearly feel the love she have for Clayne. Being a shifter will never be an issue and that is the best kind of love.

Danica, in the other hand really tired to protect Clayne to the extent of hurting him, but sometimes, the greatest love needs a much greater sacrifice to fully bloom. And that is what she did. Other may not like what really happen, but when the A-hole that blackmailed Danica, ~I do not want to say his name~ did not do it, their relationship would not fully furnished.

All in all, the entire book was so well written. Even the simple spinets of the next book was there, it was really good. And finally!! Kendra will be sent to the Field! Well, not in the same sense as the rest of the DCO but still she is outside, that counts for something.

Once again, I have started reading Her Wild Hero as I wrapped up this review. I really love bears!

Thanks, Ms. Tyler!