Dark Promises (Carpathian Novel, A)

Dark Promises (Carpathian Novel, A) - Christine Feehan This is the 29th book of the Dark series.

So far, it is the Ancients turn to look for their Lifemates, and boy! They way this book was written was so steamy!

Yes, majority of the scenes are purely adult stuff. Unlike her previous books in this series. Not sure of the chapter, but I was around 14% into my reading of the book when the first sex scene started. Yup it was a bit dark, but we have to remember where Aleksei came from and from the way it all started, yup it does look like a betrayal. Hence the need to dominate.

The book was really good. As I read along, there were times that I would like to hit Gabrielle because of her ignorance. I mean she has been a Carpathian and yet she was unsure of the ways of Carpathian people and it was really a piss off for me. As for Gary? I cried. I really cried when the colors started to fade, and cried when it was said the all of his emotions were gone. It was so painful. I always liked him. He was always been with Gregori and he became one of the most important people when I come to the Carpathian people.

The totally unexpected was Trixie and Fane. I mean, I read about Fane like from Andre’s book?
~Sorry! Read too many books! But I as I was saying, It so unexpected that their plot was so endearing too! I love how Fane devotes everything to Trixie, and how reassure her that she is the only woman for him. It was so romantic! Yes, I noted that Trixie is 60 years old! But it does not sound perverted in this book. I was wonderfully constructed. I was actually thinking if trace of old age will eventually fade out, now that she is a Carpathian, I guess I have to read the rest of the upcoming books to find out.

All in all, it was a good book. The adult scenes were a bit too much but, somehow, it was appropriate for the kind of situation those Ancients. After a long time fighting their inner demons, finding their life mates makes them too horny.


I will rate it 4.5 due to the fact that two Carpathian were able to find their lifemates.