SEAL Wolf In Too Deep

SEAL Wolf In Too Deep - Terry Spear If you read my last post about this series, then you might have remembered that I mention that I was currently reading the 18th book in the Heart of Wolf Series by Terry Spear. I was able to finish it yesterday.

And For those who reads the series it is out now! This is my honest review about one of Hunter's SEAL team mate; Allan Rappaport.

Honestly speaking, the opening chapters of the book was kinda boring for me. There was a very slow moment for me. I was thinking, "~OMG! will it be one of those books where i had to read other books just to get by it?!" but, i was relieved that it wasn't.

As the story kicks off, we are presented with a woman that likes Allan, but Allan, being a ~what do you call their kind? lapous something?~yes, I read the whole series and i can't get their scientific name right~ is reluctant to date Debbie. But fate really is something. A dire situation arose, that turned Debbie into one of them. ~No, you need to read the book to know what I am talking about, if you love Paul's story, you'll love Allan even more..although, the best books for me would the the Scottish pack stories.

The story plot was also interesting, and I was happy that after several books. Devlyn is once again mentioned. I would want to know what happen to his pack. Him, being part of the picture brings question for me. Will the next book be about Devlyn's pack? If so, who will it be?

I give this book 4 stars. Well, done Ms. Spear!!!