Awakened - Elisabeth Naughton I'd like to thank Elisabeth Naughton Publishing LLC and Netgalley.

The opening of the book was bit confusing for me. For one thing, I had to read several reviews just to figure out the time line of the book. And i was shocked on what I found out.

Elysia, is just like her mother with a little bit of her father on the side. I love how she develops as the story progresses. There was a certain continuity with her overall character and her love for her man was so good.

Damon, on the other hand was a typical man that have a few lose memories. The way he was introduced left a bitter taste on my tongue but as the story goes on, you can see his development the same with his memories.

I do not want to fully point anything because the book is really full of supersizes. I cried at one point because of the over all emotion it evoked. I really did love Ms. Naughton's Eternal Guardians series and when I came upon that scene the tears just fell.

However, What would happen next? Will he do the tasked? Will there be a repercussion on what happen? There are alot of questions. But the answers will be unraveled as the next book is published...hopefully...