The King Takes A Mate

The King Takes A Mate - Mina Carter This is the 4th book of the Shifter Fight League. The verdict? It was as really good ending!

The flow of the story is really good. From a very explosive start to a very sweet and hot ending. It was a really good closing and it left me hoping for more from this series. It was so darn beautiful that the simplicity was the key for the readers to like this book. Ms. Carter is another of those To-Go- authors for me because her book are light, erotic and they are the kind of books that I crave after reading a very long series and I find myself not satisfied with the result of my reading.

In this series, it was a really intense. I mean WOW! The adult scenes was really good and I was fanning my face. But as I read the way the characters thought of each other there was a definite swoon factor for me. I find myself saying “Oh My heart be still.” The Lines are simple but the meanings behind them are the best.

I will not go into deep with this book. For me it was one good book!