Hannah and the Highlander (Untamed Highlanders)

Hannah and the Highlander (Untamed Highlanders) - Sabrina York I was not expecting to have fun reading this book.

And it took me a long time to really open it up. But I truly enjoyed it from start to finish. I love the humor and how each of the characters were introduced. even the way it was written was really amazing and funny. but what really made me cry was Alexander's condition. The reality of what he is experiencing made the book a good read. How he handled the situation and how at the ending, he got better in expressing himself.

Hannah? Wow! I really like her! From the very start of the book, her attitude really caught my attention. Especially on how her mind works, her thoughts made me laugh! I had to stop myself from doing so.

The weakness of the characters are true during those times and now. The insecurities they felt, made the book such a good read. Alexander with his speech and Hannah with her low confidence. This kinds of situation makes a good book. The reality of the situation during 1800 was too brutal. Unlike the times that we have now.

Fun and enjoyable. I look forward to reading the next book.