Dare You to Run

Dare You to Run - Dawn Ryder This is the second book of the Unbroken Heroes, and man, if Romeo and Juliette were to plotted in modern times, this is one good setting.

The intensity of the story was too much, that I find myself crying several times. I love the the way the lines of both main and secondary characters were said. Those rare funny moments between sibling and team mates. The way the action was written, the thought of the antagonist, they were so good.

Cannot wait to read Saxon's book. I would love to see him eat his own words. I wonder, what will Kagan, Thais, Vitus, and Bram will say once the mighty have fallen...

Unbroken Heroes features a black ops team that operates between black and white. For them there is only a shade of gray. However, when this group of people fall, they will stay and hell be damned.