Bearly in Control

Bearly in Control - Milly Taiden This is the first book of Ms. Taiden's Shifter Undercover Series.

As the first one, were are given glimpse of the people that will be in the following books, However, the ending of this book left me hanging.

A man with no memory, someone that has the ability to control shifters and an Agency. that is not known to human society.

The over theme is perfectly established ~which is nice ~ but the book itself was a bit of a let down in the end.

Charli, is one heck of a human. I like her ability. Its is one of those abilities that is really nifty to have. Then again, it is dangerous, because she needs to touch the animal involve before speaking to them. Barry? i can't really say. He had no memory and so far, the way he was introduce is one like wow!

Overall, it was a really good start. It leaves you wondering what will happen to the next book and when will Barry regain his memory. However, i do hope that it will happen around book two rather than the latter part of the series.

Hope to read the next book again.

~ARC is from NetGalley~