Return to Me

Return to Me - Nina Croft I was able to get a free copy from the author as s review material. And i did not regret asking for it.

Betrayal, abandonment, death, trust and love. Those are the main core of this book. From the way Torrin craved for the reincarnation of her wife, to the walls Bella built around herself, i makes one wonder: "what if emphatic abilities are true?"

It's hard to be in her shoes, the numerous emotions she feels, as she said will make you want to kill your self. But as long as you know how to shield, you could work around it. As for Torrin, i cannot imagine the pain he felt, when he was served his punishment and was banished from the home he lived. And he did those things all in the name of love.

Over all, words cannot express how this book touched me. I can't wait for the rest of their stories!