Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the Wolf - Terry Spear At the start of the book it was okay, but while I was reading it, I feel as though it was dragging me. The book felt long and i had a hard time finishing it. Normally, it would take a day or two to finish one book, but this one took me three days. And the number of chapters was just around twenty two. Maybe because on how it was written. The amount of words in between the conversations were a bit long and it takes time to really get into the story.

In fairness, the love story between the two was really good, I like how they over come the challenges that was set up; and how they were ended. Too bad that the conversation lines was a bit shorter.

I rated this 3.5. It took me a while to get to the main story and the amount time i read the whole things. Let's see how Book two fares....