Wolf's Heart

Wolf's Heart - Anne Marsh This book was given by Netgalley via my request.

I was never a fan of 1st POV book. They are a bit too centered for me, but withthis authir, i would make an exception. I Love how Jace's POV was written, from the start, up to the ending. The dominance is just enough to warrant for Keelie Sue to be cautious, but not too much to make her feel unsafe. The was the words were played was really good. I was grinning when the love scene
were showed. All i can say is wow!

On Keelie Sue, she has the right to be afraid after what happen to her, who wound't? But i really love how she reacted to Jace. For me, it was one of those magical moments when a shifter finally meets the right mate for them. It was not romantic, but the way the number of bodies was stacked on the floor of the bar made me want to laugh. Kinda ending for me; ~and yes, you need to read the book to know what I am talking about.

I love the ending, it was the right ending of a MC wolf pack alpha.

Thank you very much!