Phoenix Reborn: An Alpha Pack Novella

Phoenix Reborn: An Alpha Pack Novella - J.D. Tyler I am not a fan of M/M book. But I have to say, I was clearly waiting for this particular one. And I was not disappointed.

The book was so neatly written that it was not overly cheesey, Well, I have been reading this series, and the story line is really good but this was so romantic in its own way.

The line between them so sweet that I would find myself saying’ “Be still my heart…” Their love story was so achingly sweet and the struggles are so typical, that it made the book so real in very sense. Well, aside from the magic and the shifting…but still!

I was so heartbroken at the end of the book, I nearly hurled my device, but the way it was ended was fitting, Even the meaning of the title was there, Alas, there are cliffhangers, but I hope they will be dealt on the next book,

Simple, elegant and action packed. That is how I will describe this book. And most of all, romantic!