Storm of Ecstasy

Storm of Ecstasy - Setta Jay I would like to thank NetGalley for making this book available on their site.

How should I start? First off, I love how Ms. Jay’s writing are continued. I hate the cliff hangers on the last part, but the good thing is that its like a sneak preview on what’s to come.

Each book that I read has a very good flow. The characters are very much intertwined that it is almost impossible to separate each one.

Photos ~ or P as the Guardians call him~ is an offspring of two different gods. As much as I hate Hades, in this series, I love him! Yup. His love for his son is so apparent that it was hard not to like him. P, on the other hand, share the same thing about his father. The fact that he is said to be the BA, I totally love his personality!

Photos, as far as book one, that I can remember is second in command after Drake. Not because they are cousins, but they are of the same level of power and his mojo is something that to be said. I love this support on the different terms of the book. His insight s on something are really something else.

Just like the previous books, in the series, we are given circumstances that is a bit too complicated yet simple to handle.

Gefn all I can say is wow! I like her! She is the perfect mate for P and her two dog? Not really sure how to describe them are so effing cool! There not much to say, I do love this series!
I can’t wait for Serena’s Story! Thanks for making this wonderful book!