Denying Ecstasy

Denying Ecstasy - Setta Jay As far as this series goes, i am starting to warm up with the people in the story. They are very intriguing and full of self guilt among other things that makes them more humane than the Immortals. Their grievances are just like ours but in a much more hardcore level.

Dorian, on the other had has what we call, survivors guilt. And to top it all off, his best friend was decapitated in front of him be the female he was ~you know~. His emotion was way over the top, that i find myself, wanting to bash his head because it's getting too much for his mate. Near the middle of the book, things started to look up and I also started liking him.

Rain, ah, I love how her personality was made, it complements Dorian's persona. As one of the lines in book said, "You were made for me." That is not really the context, but it's close.

I also love the way the Guardians interact with one another. How they pull each others S*** out but still be brothers and sisters. But what i really want to find out is how Vane and Brianne relationship would go... The added element in the books makes you read the series to know what will happen next.

The supersize just kept on coming though. What am I talking about? You need to read the book to know.

I'm down to Conn's book...and i can't wait to see what kind of mate he will have.