Her Fierce Warrior (X-Ops)

Her Fierce Warrior (X-Ops) - Paige Tyler very good!

I would like to say thank you to SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca for this chance to read one amazing series. If not for you guys, I would not read this series this year. Also, for Paige Tyler. She is just like her series...Amazing.

The action continuous as another hybrid was created by the doctors that we read on book one. If you follow the series, each Epilogue of book 1 to 3 was about Minka and how she suffers from the hand of the people wanting to make hybrids.

The start of the book gives us a very dark glimpse Angelo's past. It was needed; trust me, the way it was put there made it really worth it. After wards, chapter one opens up of what happened to Minka, after she escaped on book 3, and from that point on, things started to be good. From the killing, to the rescue. Even the fight back to the States was really nice. We are given a character that never had a chance to be in a big city and a man who has seen too much out of life. The combination of those two people made a very interesting lines and some very romantic moments. I will not dwell on that part, because you really need to read it. After all, each of us have different reading preferences and understanding.

The level of action? It was the right amount. Even at the end of the book, it was such a fitting ending. After all, they deserved it.

Then again...the questions are: When people are bitten by the hybrids do they really got infected? What will happen to David? ~ I can't remember which A-team member got bitten, pardon me.

Job well done!