Electric (The Bay Boys #1)

Electric (The Bay Boys #1) - Emilia Winters I am finally finished with a book that deeply affected in every sense of the word. In every page that I read, in every event that happened to the characters.

I have like, commented on every bad thing Luke did, and cried when he did something Kate was not expecting.

This is a book about healing. How one tries to open, how one tries to understand, and come to terms with his feeling. I love how this was written. How the events were stitched together. The pain, the healing, and the love was so beautifully crafted,it made me smile till the very end.

I will not delve on the plot, that is for you to decide. However, I assure you, if you want a good romance book, with some hotness, together with an alpha man. This is it. You will be surprise why I gave this a five-Star rating. Even I wasn't expecting the book will be this good.

Looking forward to book 2.