Must Love Kilts

Must Love Kilts - Angela Quarles I would like to say thank NetGalley, Angela Quarles and Unsealed Room Press for giving me chance to read this time altering book.

Okay, time travel.

I have read more than ten books about this genra, but this was a really good book…or series.
I like the way the time traveling concept was fully explained. The parallel worlds where in the we live in are forever altered but we are actually living in a totally different universe that we originally came from is something so very new.

I like the story behind each of the women. I love it that all of them are friends and each of them got the man they are looking for in a different time era.

Traci? I love her personality! I love that she was trying to assimilate what is happening to her by thinking that it was part of a game of sort. But then again, when she realizes that she really in the past, things began to change. Ian on the other hand a typical man and he himself does not know his own potential. I love how he slowly came upon his heritage. It was such a wonderful transformation.

The historical setting was in a middle of a war and it was really bloody. But the thing about this book is that it not only involves one story but two.

I am looking forward to Duncan’s story. Thanks for creating such wonderful series!