Savage Urges

Savage Urges - Suzanne Wright This was actually a very good series.

Savage Urges, centers around Ryan, a very quite and kinda anti-social pack member and Mackenna, a feisty woman, that believes in superstition.

The combination of the two was so funny! There were times that the convo between them, was so illogical that i find myself wondering, the point of the whole conversation. But as i read the story, they complete each other in someway.

The way the female character was written was really good the same goes with Ryan. I have always liked him. But he's very own book brought him the HEA that he did not look for. Yes, of all of the enforcer in the Pack he was the least interested in mating, and yet he was given a mate that was opposite of him and yet they make each other's wolves happy.

It was such a good book. The readers are able to see what happen to the Alpha and Beta pair. Even the rest of the Phoenix and Mercury pack were there. I am hoping that Tao would get his very own is a wishful thinking...