Susana and the Scot

Susana and the Scot - Sabrina York From story of book one, Susana and the Scot opens up on the arrival of Andrew to his destination. Fate as they say, is B****.

I love this book due to the fact that the kid in this book was so adventurous! And the way she talks, to the way she "licks" ~yup she does! ~ in the series was so funny! But then again, Isobel, is not the only reason, she was the best part though.

Now, the funniest part was playing footsie. I totally lost it, i laughed so hard when I read that part and as i write this down, i can clearly imagine the face of Laird Dounreay on that event! It was epic!

Aside for that, the twist, and how each of the matter was laid out was wonderfully written. There was no words on how i will describe this book. The love scene was so steamy i had to fan myself. And the revelation was just to uplifting. There were no anger, but an acceptance that made the book so heart warming.

However, there is the matter of the Duke of Caithness that needs to be resolved, and what will happen next?

Great book!