Ravaged River

Ravaged River - Lindsay Cross, Elle James I would like to thank Romance Beckons for a chance to read this book. Also for NetGalley for making it possible.

This was a book that centers on PTSD victims. Hoyt, was tortured and nearly died because on what happen on the previous book. The story took place right after the events of Reckless River. The way his thoughts ran was so dark that i wanted to be there and hold him. But, I can't.

This was so wonderfully made. The lines. the thoughts, the actions and even the approach on how this was written was inspiring. I find myself shouting for joy when Hayden had the reaction she was hopping for. The combination of an active member of the team suffering PTSD and a soon-to-be psychologist was so good that, during the story, she was practicing her skill, to asses how to approach Hoyt. You can read how hard it was for her. And I admire her courage.

I cannot say how much i enjoyed reading this book without crying, The reality of the situation is so rare, that it would take a person with considerable strength to fight his/her own demons. And the way Hoyt fought his own, was the best part of it. He may not fully recover, but he is surrounded by the people who cares for him.

Ms. Cross made a book that would give hope to those who are aware of PTSD, If Hoyt was able over come it, so could the res of the people suffering from it. All it takes is a person's resolved, determination and the strength of the people around them.

Good Work!