Captured by a Celtic Warrior

Captured by a Celtic Warrior - Jennifer Haymore, Vonda Sinclair, Eliza Knight, Kris Kennedy Thank you NetGalley for giving me a chance to read this book.

One Dagger, four stories. It might seem excessive, but it isn't. From the Murder of certain individual to how each hero was able to come upon the dagger. The stories behind each family or should i say, each keeper was really interesting.

Reviewing per story would be a bit too much, so I'd have to review it as a whole.

Each characters were so alive. The lines they delivered are sappy at some point and funny in some. Their counterpart was equal to them in every aspect. I love how the dagger was kept in one of the families then was passed down from generation to generation.

The King’s Outlaw, by Kris Kennedy: showed us how the dagger was produce and it's significance. While Taken by the Highlander, by Eliza Knight; showed us what happen after the events of The King's Outlaw. Stolen by a Highland Rogue, by Vonda Sinclair; gave us a glimpsed oh what happen after the second book. But in the last book; Her Wicked Highlander, by Jennifer Haymore; showed us that there are still people trying to use the dagger for political purposes.

If you read each book individually, it is really interesting. But putting them together for the sole purpose of the history of the dagger was really good. I am not sure of the historical relevance of it, but it got me hooked on the first book.

Anyway, Great read!