Kill Without Mercy

Kill Without Mercy - Alexandra Ivy As a series Junkie, i always look for a new series to add to my TBR pile. And knowing that one of my favorite authors was about to release a new series, i took a chance at NetGalley if they could permit me to read her book.

~And then they said "Request Accepted".

I was so happy at that time, I never thought that they would permit me to read the book above but it was worth it!


I knew Ms. Ivy as a great PNR author, I love reading her Guardians of Eternity Series and the Newest PNR Which is the Sentinels. I am actually waiting for Netgalley for her books ~ just in case I am given another chance to review her books again.

As for this new series, all i can say is "Bravo!".

The story line is simple and clean. There are no unexpected turn ~at least on this book, I don't know about the rest of the series~ and it is well written.

As for the characters their personality is well written, even the ones that have not their own book, you would really anticipate what will happen to them. The dynamics on how well they blend together made this book so appealing to me.

But let us not forget the romance behind it. As i have said simple and clean, the same applies with the love story between the two characters. Rafe straightforwardness is so refreshing and Annie reluctance matches the each others vibe. The blending of the two made a really good love plot that is swoon worthy.


Yes, the three little words are not mentioned, but is that the only was to express devotion and love to someone.

As I have said, this is one series I would watch out for. I cannot wait to read the next one!