The Ghost

The Ghost - Monica McCarty I would like to thank NetGalley for a chance to read the final book one amazing series. And for Monica McCarty for writing such wonderful stories.

To be honest, this was kinda a let down for me. I was hoping that Alex would be the main or let’s say I was hoping for more of Alex’s side rather than Joan, but it was not the case. I was the plot was boring for me, it did not have the adventure that I was used to when I was reading the rest of the books. It lacks a certain action that each of the 11 books that I love. Maybe because it is about a woman’s job, but still. I was hoping for more Highland action, but I only got to read them at least thrice? And I that was the only time I loved the book.

The overall impact of the book of me was not as powerful as I anticipated it would be. From the very beginning of Chief, to The Rock, there was a certain element that made me finish the book in one siting, but I find myself reading other book just to finish this.

Don’t get me wrong, I always wondered why Alex left, but the reasons for his betrayal was actually is sound. For a man like him , I can fully understand. It was just the way the story was written… Joan? She was okay, her past was the part I really love and her lines. Her reasoning, was sound too. But in the end, the book was all about choices.

The best part, for me would be of course the epilogue. The glimpse of each of the Highland Guards lives, their children. And Bruce. When I read what was happening to him, I kinda cried, I was hoping that he would not have it, but he did. As endings goes, this was the best. Why? If you read each of the ending of the book, you will see…
I rate it 4 because, of the overall ending. But to be honest about the story? I would probably give it a 3.5.

Thank you for such a wonderful series. I look forward to reading another great book!