Hero of a Highland Wolf

Hero of a Highland Wolf - Terry Spear Another great book finished! yeas, it took time to read this series again, but can you blame me? It's not easy to read a series where there are books that do not hold the same candles as the rest. It leaves a tasteless feel in the mouth. But i was so happy with this book.

It took me up to the second chapter to connect the dots. I was really surprise that Colleen was Julia's BF, and boy it was really hilarious when the Grant's brothers found out. I love how the initial meeting was describe. I mean come on! swords play? and a feast? but the best part was when she just accepted everything!

Grant? OMG! He was soooo hot! I love his attitude! Even his take control situation, but you really have to admit, when Coleen gave the order, he was not able to do anything. He actually gave in, which made everything endearing!

Over all, it was a really nice book. It's good to know that the people in that part of the country knew each other. Like the pack in the States.

Next up? Calla and Guthrie's book! Now this, i got to read!